We are a leading software development company,offers top-rated Software Development Services due to our vast experience, team of skilled professionals, key business insights, and a dedicated working process. We understand the different software requirements of every business and cater them with a great variety of Software Development Services.
.NET is a software framework which is designed and developed by Microsoft. In easy words, it is a virtual machine for compiling and executing programs written in different languages like C#, VB.Net etc. We use this Framework to develop Form-based applications, Web-based applications, and Web services. There is a variety of programming languages available on the .Net platform, VB.Net and C# being the most common ones are . It is used to build applications for Windows, phone, web etc. It provides a lot of functionalities and also supports industry standards.
Visual Basic
Visual Basic (VB) is an event-driven programming language and environment from Microsoft that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) which allows programmers to modify code by simply dragging and dropping objects and defining their behavior and appearance. We develop Projects in VB with team of experts to bring your requirements with great look and feel.
C# is one of the most popular programming languages of .Net Framework. We develop variety of things, including mobile applications, Web Applications, game development, and enterprise software with good knowledge skills.
We use JAVA to develop Form-based applications, Mobile Applications,Web-based applications, and Web services. Front end Mobile app as well as Backend server side support can be done in java platform.
Java Scripts
JavaScript is a client scripting language which is used for creating web pages. It is a standalone language developed in Netscape. It is used when a webpage is to be made dynamic and add special effects on pages like rollover, roll out and many types of graphics. We use javascripts to develop Web pages,Hybrid mobile app such as IONIC and server side scripts to the
HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core technologies for building Web pages. HTML provides the structure of the page, CSS the (visual and aural) layout, for a variety of devices. We develop web pages with HTML with CSS and produce attractive web pages with animations which gives you great look and feel.
PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor, is a server side scripting language. PHP scripts can only be interpreted on a server that has PHP installed.The client computers accessing the PHP scripts require a web browser only. We use PHP to develop Static websites or Dynamic websites or Web applications with different web hostings.
Objective-C is one of the main programming languages used by Apple for the iOS system,and can be used to create mobile applications for this specific platform. As a superset of the C programming language, it offers the ability for developers to be more detail-oriented as well as more supportive for objects and other languages.
Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple Inc for iOS and OS X development. Swift 4 adopts the best of C and Objective-C, without the constraints of C compatibility. Swift 4 uses the same runtime as the existing Obj-C system on Mac OS and iOS, which enables Swift 4 programs to run on many existing iOS 6 and OS X 10.8 platforms. Apart from Objective C, We use Swift 4 and Swift 5 to develop iPhone Apps as per the client's requirements with attractive screens and animations.
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